2nd International Mineral Water Congress

Call for Submissions

We are delighted to host you at the 2nd International Mineral Water Congress, which will be held between 17-18 November, 2022 in Istanbul. We look forward to seeing all national and international shareholders, researchers, and academics who conduct work and studies on mineral water, in all related fields, especially in medicine, nutrition, business management and food engineering.

Being unearthed from natural springs, and mineral-rich wells, mineral water is bottled directly at its source, only going through a physical filtration. Coming from natural springs and underground reservoirs, it is rich in mineral content and contains minerals such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, iron, zinc, along with other essential nutrients. Mineral water, which is preferred to other beverages because of its purity, and the fact that it does not undergo chemical treatment, is a field that goes hand-in-hand with many scientific fields – especially manufacturing, marketing, nutrition, and gastronomy.

Researchers, and academics in the fields of science, health sciences, and social sciences and specialists that work in the mineral water field will be welcome at the congress, which will address the process mineral water undergoes from manufacturing to the last consumption with an interdisciplinary approach.


For the International Mineral Water Congress, submissions from all related fields, especially fields listed below will be accepted:

  • Hydrogeology and Geochemistry of Mineral Water
  • Protection and Management of Mineral Springs
  • Mineral Water in the Beverage Industry
  • The Importance of Mineral Water in Terms of Nutrition
  • Mineral Water in the Gastronomy Industry
  • Climate Change, Sustainability and Mineral Water
  • Consumer Trends in the Beverage Industry and Affecting Factors of Choosing Between Products
  • Packaging Choices and Sustainable Packaging
  • Brand Positioning in Mineral Water
  • The Future of the Mineral Water Market, Problems Encountered in Sales and Marketing

Please submit your abstracts on madensuyukongresi.org until November 1, 2022.